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More than a quarter of Americans own bitcoins

According to a Grayscale Research report, about 26% of Americans own bitcoin. By comparison, 23% of Americans owned Bitcoin last year. Analysts point out that demand for Bitcoin has fueled this year’s rally. Despite the fact that the world’s main cryptocurrency is prone to sharp fluctuations in the exchange rate and unpredictable waves of volatility, it seems that many investors are determined to weather any downturns.

The report states: “Most of these investors are hodlings [привержены стратегии «купи и держи»]and roughly 66% of those who purchased Bitcoin over a year ago still own it today. Of the investors who sold, 91% sold at least part of Bitcoin at a profit. “

Perhaps the most compelling statistic illustrating the growing popularity of BTC in the US is this: 55% of current investors have started buying cryptocurrency for the first time in 12 months. At the moment, 59% of investors say they will definitely (or likely) consider including in a Bitcoin portfolio, while 15% are against. For comparison, in 2019 the answers to the same questions were different: then only 36% of those surveyed would have invested in Bitcoin with a high probability, and 34% quite definitely stated that Bitcoin was not for them.


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