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More than 50 apps removed from Google Play Store, uninstall immediately from your phone

Google Play Store Android is one of the most reliable platforms for users to download apps, while iPhone users visit the App Store. Like Apple, Google has a number of security measures in place, play store What kind of apps are listed on . but, many times Scammers inserting malware into applications And use new methods to steal money and data from users.

Such instances have happened in the past and cloud security company Zscaler now reports that Google recently removed more than 50 apps from the Play Store because they infected with malware Were. In the report, Zscaler reported that its ThreatLab team found three different malware families — Joker, Facestealer, and Coper — infected apps in Google Play.

The report states that

Most of these apps were infected with Joker malware, which is undoubtedly one of the major malware families targeting Android devices. The report states that “this malware is designed to steal SMS, contact lists and device information, and to sign the victim up for premium Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) services.”

More than 50 apps removed from Google Play Store, know the reason

Google was immediately notified about these apps and the company removed them immediately. But that didn’t solve the problem, and that’s because all these apps have already been downloaded by hundreds and thousands of Android users.

If you have any of these APPs in your phone, remove them immediately

-Simple Note Scanner
-Universal PDF Scanner
-Private Messenger
-Premium SMS
-Smart Messages
-Text Emoji SMS
-Blood Pressure Checker
-Funny Keyboard
-Memory Silent Camera
-Custom Themed Keyboard

-Light Messages
-Themes Photo Keyboard
-Send SMS
-Themes Chat Messenger
-Instant Messenger
-Cool Keyboard
-Fonts Emoji Keyboard
-Mini PDF Scanner
-Smart SMS Messages
-Creative Emoji Keyboard
-Fancy SMS
-Fonts Emoji Keyboard
-Personal Message
-Funny Emoji Message

-Magic Photo Editor
-Professional Messages
-All Photo Translator
-Chat SMS
-Smile Emoji
-Wow Translator
-All Language Translate
-Cool Messages
-Blood Pressure Diary
-Chat Text SMS
-Hi Text SMS
-Emoji Theme Keyboard
-Text SMS
-Camera Translator

-Come Messages
-Painting Photo Editor
-Rich Theme Message
-Quick Talk Message
-Advanced SMS
-Professional Messenger
-Classic Game Messenger
-Style Message
-Private Game Messages
-Timestamp Camera
-Social Message

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