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More than 400 employees of Salesforce protest against entering the NFT market

More than 400 employees around the world seem to have signed against the company’s decision after Salesforce, an Internet company for customer relationship management planning and services, recently reported that it may plan to launch an NFT platform service .

According to information obtained by the Thomson Reuters Foundation , Salesforce employees believe that NFT content driven by blockchain technology will have a negative impact on the environment, and it is currently impossible to regulate the highly speculative financial assets that are controversial by current laws. Therefore, they believe that the company’s position Should not be involved in such product development.

As for employee objections, Salesforce said that it accepts employees to express different opinions, while emphasizing that it is proud of the development of a culture of accepting different views.

Prior to this, Salesforce co-CEOs Marc Benioff and Bret Taylor mentioned their views on NFT trends in an internal business meeting, and revealed that they may plan to enter the non-fungible token application market. Relevant news also alleged that Salesforce plans to create a cloud service platform that allows creators to put their personal works on the shelves and conduct external transactions, and will be called Salesforce NFT Cloud, which may be compared to the current practice of the popular NFT trading platform OpenSea.

At present, the market has different views on NFT digital assets. Some industry players believe that NFT is just a scam in the end, while some industry players believe that NFT will become one of the main axes of future development, and through encryption and decentralization, more digital content can be Features like collection, exchange, and even price authentication.

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