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More than 20 lakh old vehicles will be scrapped in Maharashtra, rules amended

It said that private vehicles older than 20 years and commercial vehicles older than 15 years can be cancelled. However, there will be no pressure on the vehicle owners for this. It will be mandatory to conduct the fitness test of the vehicles.

If your vehicle fails the fitness test, you will have to deposit your vehicle at 60-70 registered scrap facilities across the country. The notification further states that the scrapping centers will retain the digitally scanned copies of all documents as a record for a period of 10 years.

Vehicles will not be scrapped until fuel, oil, anti-freeze and other gases, liquids are removed and collected in certified standard containers. This process will be completely digital and authorized on the VAHAN portal Due to its complete paperwork at the scrapping center, now people will get rid of the problems faced in vehicle scrappage.

Whereas earlier there was a rule that for vehicle scrapping, all the formalities had to be completed by going to the RTO first. According to the new rules, vehicle scrapping centers of any state and union territory can scrap the registered vehicles of any state. For this, vehicle owners will only have to register their vehicle on the vehicle portal for scrapping. This process will be done across India from the vehicle portal of the Ministry of Transport.

According to the scrapping policy, if someone has a commercial vehicle that is 15 years old and a personal vehicle that is 20 years old, then his registration will be cancelled. You can’t drive it on the road. If a person is caught doing so, he can also be fined.

what are the advantages

Old vehicles pollute 10-12 times more than fitted vehicles. In such a situation, there will be some relief from the rapidly increasing pollution. At the same time, the mileage of new vehicles is also better than the old car, it will also save fuel. With the coming of scrapping policy, new jobs will also be generated in the country. The central government is going to invest Rs 10,000 crore under the scrapping policy, which will create 50,000 jobs.

What will the customer get in exchange for the old car?

If a person’s vehicle is not fit and is 15 years old, then that person will be given a deposit certificate in lieu of the old vehicle. This will give you the scrap value of the old vehicle which will be equal to 5% of the showroom price of the new vehicle.

Apart from this, if you buy a new vehicle, then you will not need to pay the registration fee. At the same time, the state government can give road tax exemption to the customer up to 25% for private vehicle and 15% for commercial vehicle.

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