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More than 19 crore Shiba Inu tokens were burnt again, what is the matter?

Amidst the uncertainty in the cryptocurrency market, important information has come to the fore regarding the popular Shiba Inu in the form of Mime Coins. The ‘burn rate’ of the Shiba Inu has increased by about 231%. A portion of the Shiba Inu containing 196,820,007 tokens is said to have been destroyed in the past 24 hours. Apart from this, about 25 transactions have been done. Not only this, millions of SHIB coins have been sent to the dead wallet through various transactions within a few hours.

this information Shibburn Website given by. The website has also confirmed this with its Twitter account. However, the community members of the Shiba Inu are not taking it very seriously. They believe that such burns keep happening at a fixed interval. The ‘Gossip SHIB’ community member of the Shiba Inu believes that such burns are needed on a regular basis to drive up the prices of the Shiba Inu in the long run.

However, this cryptocurrency is currently seeing a decline of more than two and a half percent. coinmarket cap As of now, its current price remains at $0.000001108. Many more announcements can be seen around this cryptocurrency in the coming days. Among these, the SHI Stablecoin is said to be the most ambitious project. Shib’s lead developer Shiotoshi Kusama has said that it can be launched in 2022. There is also information that the beta phase of Shibarium can be launched in the third quarter of this year.

Whatever the numbers say, but the Shiba Inu seems to be showing confidence by investors. The Shiba Inu is among the top 7 assets with 2000 ETH whales buying the most. Just on 8th July, a ‘crypto whale’ bought 1 trillion SHIB tokens in four big transactions worth about 250 billion SHIB and surprised with its investment in the crypto market. In terms of trading volume, the Shiba Inu is also maintaining its place in the top 10 among the ETH whales.

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