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Moon dust from the Apollo 11 mission sold for less than expected

New Delhi. The soil that Neil Armstrong brought with him to the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission of 1969 was auctioned for about Rs 3.84 crore ($504,375). In fact, Bonhams auctioneers sold a small part of the lunar soil that Neil Armstrong brought with him to the first step on the moon at an auction related to space history in New York. Armstrong became the first man to land on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969. Then he brought it with him on the period of remembrance. According to Forbes, Bonhams had estimated its price before the auction at around $8 to 1.2 million. But its final price was $ 4 lakh. Which combined with other things reached $ 504,375.

However, the surprising thing about this sale is its price as it is much less than expected. While this soil of the moon was verified by NASA. Whereas earlier the bag in which the lunar soil was packed in Apollo 11 was sold in 2017 for $ 1.8 million. There was a dispute going on for a long time regarding this soil. As far as Armstrong had brought it to the earth, it has covered some such distance to reach the auction house. In fact, in the ongoing battle over the ownership of this soil, NASA had approached the court. In 2015, the clay was sold to Nancy Lee Carlson, a Michigan attorney. Surprisingly, he had paid only $995 for this.

When they sent it to NASA for verification, NASA refused to return it because it was related to Apollo 11. Due to which the US Attorney sued NASA for wrongful seizure of assets in 2016 and won. Although it has not been clear till date how NASA had allowed this soil to come out of its possession. In 2002 it was reported to have been owned by Max Aare, co-founder of the Space Museum in Kansas. Max was also accused of stealing artifacts.

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