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Month- January; Day-1st

Month January plays an important role in our life being the  welcome  month of a year. We connect all our odds & evens to this month consciously or unconsciously. The first day of this month is another great day in everybody’s life-tenure. This day & month have been attributed as most celebrated day & month throughout the world. On the FIRST DAY of January many great personalities came to this world to give new dimensions to the mankind. Let us intercept some of them.

Year 1431, date – 1st January, place- Jativa, Spain- a great personality ‘Pope- 6th Alexander’ came to this earth, to guide the world spiritually. He performed the holy duty of Pope from 1492 to 1503. He was a reformist & a great patron of religious secularism for which he was controversial too. But subsequently in 15th & 16th century religious secularism took centre place. He bade farewell to this world in 1503, August 18.

‘Antoneetey Desolires’- one of the world’s most beautiful & gracious poetess took birth in 1st January, 1638 in France. She completed her Primary education in the fabulous guidance of poet Jin Hesnolt & commanded over Latin, Spanish & Italy language at a tender age. She wrote volumes & enchanted the entire western world in her magic poems. But this great poet had a treacherous life of being dependent upon the king’s monetary allowances fixed for her in the fake end of her life. In this condition she left this world in February 17th, 1694.

Nation builder, philosopher, leader, political critic & writer ‘Edmond Berk’ also took birth in 1st January 1729. Berk, was a multifaceted personality & better known as a philosopher. He represented Hugue party in House of Commons of Britain for a long time. His contribution to the world philosophy is still remembered as milestone.

During the racial clash & hypocritic era of British society, E.M Foster, a great novelist born in January- 1st , 1879 to intercept the blanckism. He dared to write ‘Howards End in 1910 to expose the blind administration of kingdom of Britain. By his influential writing, he was able to give a new positive dimension to the then so called self-centered British Society. He left for heavenly journey in 7th June, 1970, giving a complete transformation to social fabric of British people.

So they all came, contributed & conquered the world by their might presence, wit & wisdom as angels from heaven. They born as common men & went as extra-ordinary. Incidently they all first Januarian. So let us pray that many first persons like them come to this world to narrow down the gaps between people to march towards a earth to live in peacefully.

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