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Money will get stuck in ATM! Somewhere you do not do this mistake while withdrawing cash


  • Your cash may get stuck in ATM
  • This can also happen due to the fault of the users.
  • Cash withdrawal becomes difficult

New Delhi.
You must have gone to the ATM to withdraw all the cash. You must have heard many cases in which cash gets stuck in the ATM itself while withdrawing cash. So that this does not happen to you, today we are going to tell you the mistakes that can make cash first in ATM. Although this happens with only a few people, but if something like this happens to you at the time of need, then you do not have to worry, keeping this in mind, today we are going to tell you how you can avoid this problem.

let the transaction complete

Never press any other button during a transaction or do anything on the touch screen that may send wrong commands to the machine. Some people keep pressing the screen and button even after giving the command to withdraw money to the ATM, due to which wrong commands are not stopped in the ATM and due to this, cash can also get stuck in the ATM due to security reasons. If you do this till now, then whenever you want to remove it from the future, then keep this in mind because it is very important for you.

Do not delay while withdrawing cash

Once you decide how much cash to withdraw, the ATM has to click on Proceed to complete the further process. After that the cash starts coming out of the ATM. When the cash comes out, take it out of the machine immediately, if this is not done, then the cash can either get stuck or it goes inside again. If you do this, stop doing it immediately.

Do not enter card again

If you try to re-insert the card during the transaction itself, there is a high possibility that your cash may get stuck. In such a situation, try that once the transaction is completed, then enter the card to start the transaction for the second time and complete the process.

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