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Money will be returned if the flight ticket is less, Google brought a new feature

If you are thinking of traveling by flight, then we are going to give you a new information. This information is going to be very useful for you. Google Flights has updated the Price Guarantee feature. Actually its main objective is to provide cheap flight tickets to the users. Now you must be wondering what is going to be beneficial from this, so today we are going to tell you how this feature works and how it is going to benefit you. After the flight ticket is booked, if the ticket price is reduced later, then later its money will be refunded to the user. Currently its feature is available in the US under the pilot program. Also, it is available for flights that Google is confident will not reduce in price later. That is, the company must have already searched about this and the cost of such flights is also not going to reduce suddenly.

If you follow the details, Google tells in its blog post that this feature is a price guarantee program which is going to help in ticket booking. Many times it is seen that after booking the ticket, its price reduces, in such a case the company will offer a discount to the user. That is, after the ticket price is reduced, the remaining money will be reduced. This feature will monitor the flight price before departure daily. Also, the user will get refund with the help of Google Pay.

Also, this offer will be available on select flights only. Colorful price badges will also be given in this and these flights will depart from America only. Do remember that the Guaranteed Flight offer is applicable only when the tickets are booked using Google Flights. According to the company, any user will get a maximum of $ 500 in refund. It is also mandatory that the price difference is more than $5, only then this refund will be available.


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