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Money will be available for making Instagram reel, know how credit will be in bank account

New Delhi. The Government of India had banned many foreign apps on 29 June 2020. After this Tiktok was also banned in India. Now Instagram is working on bringing the features of Tiktok to India. In this new feature of Instagram, full screen, vertical videos can be shared on the feed. A few days ago, the CEO of Instagram has also given a hint about this. He told that Instagram is working on the option of ‘immersive view’.

After this feature is implemented, many videos will be seen on the screen as soon as you open Instagram. Exactly the same view will be seen as before on Tiktok. Along with this, the home feed will also be changed in it. This will focus more on the visual content. There will be all the options in the top bar, so that you can check everything till create new post, open the message and notification.

20% of Instagram traffic comes from reels-

Instagram had started the reel option some time back and in no time it has started going viral. Now about 20% of Instagram traffic comes from this. After seeing this, Instagram wants to focus more on the video option itself. Before making the change, the CEO of Instagram has released a video asking for feedback from users. Along with this, now the company is also preparing to give some cash bonus to the reel makers.

Instagram is going to change the reels-

Instagram is about to come up with a new program for Top Reel Makers. Along with this, the option of Templates, Letting Creator will also be added. Instagram can also take some steps to stop the reels that are being shared again and again. The original content creator will also be taken care of.

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