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Money transferred to wrong bank account? Do ‘This’ immediately to get a refund

New Delhi : With the help of smartphones and internet, it has become easy to send and receive money to anyone in just a few minutes. You can easily send money to anyone with the help of e-wallet, internet banking. The digital revolution in the country has also brought about a major change in financial transactions. Many times a day we send money through mobile. However, there is also a possibility of transferring money to the wrong bank account unknowingly. No need to worry if you have also mistakenly transferred money to someone else’s account. You can get this money back. Let’s know about it in detail.

If money has been transferred to the wrong bank account, you need to visit your bank branch immediately. You have to inform the bank manager about this. You will then have to provide proof that the amount has been transferred to the wrong bank account. This process will be completed easily if the amount is transferred to the person’s account in the same bank where you have the account.

In such a case mediation will be done by the bank. Besides, the bank will contact the person to whose account the money has been transferred by mail. After that you will get this money back within 7 days after the permission of that person. If, the money is transferred to another bank account, you have to inform the concerned bank official. After this process the money will be refunded to your bank account with the person’s permission. If a person is not willing to return the money, in such a situation you can file an FIR against that person. You can recover the money by taking legal action.

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