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Modified iPod can control a Mac and run Doom

Ellie Huxtable, a resident of London, was extremely unhappy with the music selections recommended to her by the Spotify service. She decided to go back to downloading tracks on her own MP3 player. To do this, Ellie radically modified the ancient fifth-generation iPod, released in 2006.


The choice on this model fell not casually. The girl notes that this is the last player in the line with the Wolfson audio chip, which provides really excellent sound. In addition, she likes the proprietary Click Wheel. Ellie believes that it is much more convenient than the touch screen. 

Drive Replacement

Modifying the iPod was easy enough. The standard 80 GB hard drive has been replaced with an iFlash Quad adapter capable of supporting four microSD cards at once. They consume less power and run cooler than HDDs. The girl equipped her device with two microSD cards of 512 GB each. Because the iFlash Quad is smaller than a hard drive, the freed up space was put to good use. The girl replaced the old 850 mAh battery with a new 3000 mAh battery. The black front panel of the device was changed to transparent, and the back, with the inscription 80 GB, with the same one with the inscription 1 TB.

Doom на iPod

Since the original iPod operating system might not work properly after the drive was replaced, I had to install Rockbox with the FreshOS theme. Thanks to her, the computer detects the player as an external drive, so you can transfer music tracks to it without using iTunes. This OS even lets you play Doom and control the volume on your MacBook. If desired, you can install various useful applications on the player, including a calendar, a metronome, and even a battery status analyzer.

Ellie Huxtable spent $340 to create a modified model. Most of this money went to the purchase of microSD cards. The girl notes that the updated device has changed her habits. Now she independently selects music according to her mood and is very pleased with it.

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