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Modi government’s warning for iPhone users! Know otherwise expensive iPhone will give 180W shock

New Delhi. If you are Apple iPhone and iPad users users, then the Modi government has a warning for you. Ignoring this warning can prove to be harmful for you. The Indian Computer Response Team (CERT-In) has identified several vulnerabilities in Apple iOS and iPadOS that allow hackers to steal sensitive information from your iOS platform. Due to security vulnerabilities on the part of hackers, iOS users are remotely targeted.

Increased risk of hacking of these devices

According to the advisory report of the central government, the flaws have been identified in the earlier versions of Apple iOS 16.1 and Apple iOS 16.0. This device suffers from flaws like CVE-2022-42827. These flaws have been identified in the Apple iPhone 8 and later iPhone models as well as iPad Pro models, iPad Air 3rd generation and later, and iPad mini 5th generation. CERT-IN advisory says flaws exist in Apple iOS and iPadiOS

What will be the effect on users
Actually hackers generate a malicious code, then attack the iOS device by bypassing the security flaws of Apple. The reason for the attack on the Apple device has been the flaws found in the iOS device. A specially designed file and application is sent for users to open. This is how hackers remotely attack iOS devices.What should users do?

  • The advisory from CERT-In states that users should keep their device’s software up-to-date with Apple Security Update.
  • Avoid clicking on unknown links.
  • Before downloading any app, it should be checked.
  • The app should be downloaded by looking at the rating.


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