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Modi government’s gift: Petrol-diesel tension will end now! Will be visible everywhere like a petrol pump…

New Delhi.
union budget 2022 live battery swapping policy: Modi government has made a big announcement to promote electric vehicles in the country. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced battery swapping policy for electric vehicles while presenting the budget in Parliament. In fact, the central government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is continuously taking many big steps to increase the sale and manufacture of electric vehicles in the country. In this episode, now the battery swapping policy has been announced by the central government. Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced the Battery Swapping Policy in the Parliament. Now you must be wondering what is this battery swapping and how will it affect you. So we are going to answer your question in simple language. So, you can know what big changes you can see in the coming time from this decision.

What is Battery Swapping Policy?

Battery Swapping Policy Battery swapping centers will be set up by the government. Now the question is, what will be the benefit of this? So the battery of electric vehicles will be replaced at these centers. Understand in simple language, like you fill petrol at the petrol pump. Similarly, by visiting these centers, you will be able to replace the battery of your electric car or bike.

What will be the benefit of battery swapping policy?

The advantage of Battery Swapping Policy would be that suppose your electric car has battery left to go 20 kilometers. You will be able to replace the car battery by reaching these centers. This will eliminate the tension of charging your car battery. After full battery, you will be able to travel from 100 to 400 without stopping.

What is the need of it?

It is clear that now electric vehicles are the future. Like the smartphone took the place of the phone. Similarly, in the coming times, electric vehicles will replace petrol and diesel-powered vehicles (IC engines). In such a situation, just as you need to fill petrol-diesel or CNG in your bike or car despite the full tank in a long journey, similarly the battery will be needed on the electric vehicle. To fulfill the same need, in the government led by PM Modi, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced this policy.

Charging stations being built like petrol pumps

Electric charging infrastructure is being set up rapidly by the automobile companies and the government. Like petrol pumps, now electric vehicle charging stations are being built at different places. With this, you will be able to easily charge your electric car, bike or scooter at these stations in minutes like petrol.

Why Electric Vehicles Are The Demand Of The Future

Electric vehicles are being considered the future. but why? So the answer is that the use of electric vehicles becomes very necessary to eliminate the increasing pollution around the world and the dependence on oil in the coming times. Electric vehicle does not cause any kind of pollution. Apart from this, there is tremendous savings in these compared to petrol-diesel and CNG.

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