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Modi government gave big relief on the front of giving family pension to the families of central employees

Big Relief To Central Government Employees: Giving relief to the Central Government Employees posted in Jammu and Kashmir, North East States and Naxal-affected states, the government has taken a big decision. Big relief has been given in the rules of family pension of missing Central Government Employees in these states. This has been announced by Jitendra Singh, Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and Ministry of Personnel & Pension.

Big change in the rules of family pension
According to the earlier rule, if a central employee went missing during his posting in these states, then his dependents would not get family pension until the employee was declared dead under the law or he had seven missing. Years did not pass. But according to the new rule, any government employee posted in Jammu and Kashmir, Northeast states and Naxalite affected states, who comes under the purview of National Pension Scheme, if he goes missing while rendering his services, then the immediate family pension benefits to the dependents in his family. will be given. And if the employee comes back after missing, then the family pension which would have been given during this period will be deducted from his salary.

Relief to those working in Kashmir, Naxalite area
On the new rule of the Pension Department, Jitendra Singh said that, this will give a big relief especially in those areas where incidents of disappearance of government employees are more frequent. He said that cases of kidnapping of central government employees working in violence-affected areas have come to the fore and hence the pension rules have been changed to instil confidence in them and protect the interests of them and their families.

new rules for family pension
In case of payment of family pension after a Government servant covered by NPS goes missing in service, the Permanent Retirement Account under NPS shall remain suspended till the Government servant returns or is declared dead as per law would have been done. In case of re-appearance of the Government servant, the NPS account will be reactivated and the same account will be operated under NPS.

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