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Mobility Global Expo: 1000 modern rest houses will be built along the highway for truck drivers, PM Modi announced

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a big announcement for truck and taxi drivers at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo on Friday. The Prime Minister said that the drivers who drive trucks and taxis are an integral part of our social and economic system. Often these drivers drive trucks continuously for hours. They do not have time for rest. The Central Government has started work on a new scheme to provide comfort to the drivers during the journey. Under this scheme, modern buildings with new facilities for drivers will be constructed on all national highways. In the first phase, 1000 modern rest houses will be built.

PM Modi said that the country is progressing rapidly. In the third term of his government, the country will definitely become the third largest economy in the world. This statement of PM Modi shows his confidence in the victory of the BJP-led NDA in the upcoming general elections to be held in April-May. He said that today’s India is moving forward with the aim of becoming a developed India by 2047.

He said that today’s India is making new policies keeping the future policies in mind. Mobility sector is going to play a big role in this. Its vision can also be seen in the interim budget presented in the Parliament. The country’s economy is expanding rapidly. India is sure to become the third largest economy in the world in the third term of our government. Due to the efforts of our government, about 25 crore people have come out of poverty in the last 10 years. Today, a large number of new middle class has been formed in the country which has its own hopes and aspirations. Before his address, PM Modi was also seen talking to the industrialists present at the program.

Don’t worry, the income tax people are not listening

Referring to the huge increase in the number of vehicles running on green fuel, the PM in a light-hearted manner told the CEOs and owners of the auto sector present at the program not to worry, the Income Tax Department is not listening. Don’t panic. You have to go ahead and take advantage of it.

Investment of Rs 10 thousand crore to promote EV

Prime Minister Modi said that the government has invested about Rs 10 thousand crore to promote electric vehicles (EV). Rs 3,200 crore has been given for the improvement of research and testing. He said that in the last 10 years before 2014, 12 crore vehicles were sold but since 2014, more than 21 crore vehicles have been sold in the country. 10 years ago around 2,000 electric vehicles were being sold whereas now 12 lakh electric vehicles are being sold. He said that in the last 10 years, an increase of about 60 percent has been recorded in terms of passenger vehicles.

Preparing engineering charisma in record time

PM Modi also mentioned India’s progress in the infrastructure sector. He said that we are creating ‘engineering charisma’ in record time, challenging the sea and the mountains. From Atal Tunnel to Atal Setu, India’s infrastructure development is creating new records. 75 new airports have been built in the last 10 years. About four lakh rural roads have been built. The three Railway Economic Corridors announced in the interim budget will also work to increase the ease of transportation in the country.


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