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Mobile Wala Doctor: Meet the ‘Mobile Wala Doctor’ of Barsoor who gives mobile phones to his patients

Mobile Wala Doctor: One of the names that is being heard a lot these days is ‘Mobile Wala Doctor’ but do you know the story behind this name?
Dr GSS Ganesh Babu aka ‘Mobile Wala Doctor’ is a different kind of doctor as he gifts mobile phones bought with his own money to families in the remotest places of Barsoor, Bastar in Chhattisgarh. Encourages institutional deliveries by giving mobile phones.
Yes, you heard it right, Dr. Ganesh Babu is giving mobile to his patients, but the question is, why is he doing this? So the answer is that he is doing this because institutional deliveries can be encouraged.

meet the mobile doctor

The 59-year-old medical officer said that five years ago, the primary health center (PHC) in Barsoor used to have only 10 deliveries in a month. The main reason behind such low number of deliveries was the poor road condition of nearby villages like Cherpal, Tumrigunda, Chhotekarka, Bade Karka, Manganar and Bedma.

What is Institutional Delivery

After which he decided to gift basic feature phones to the women of the region. He came up with unique initiatives to promote unique initiatives, promote healthy practices among mothers following institutional deliveries and immunization of newborn babies.
Dr Babu said that mobile phones with basic amenities were given to pregnant women in remote areas that did not have immediate access to hospitals. Also, let us tell you that Institutional Delivery refers to the practice of giving birth to children in medical institutions under the guidance of trained health workers.

Dr Ganesh said

Earlier, the delivery was done at home, due to which women had to face many problems. Meanwhile, the newborn baby also faced many problems including first aid and precautions, which in some cases even led to the death of the newborn.
“The main motive behind gifting mobile phones was to keep in touch even after delivery. The medical staff keeps in touch with the woman thus providing necessary vaccinations and precautions to both the mother and the child.

Very happy Dr Ganesh

In a video shared on social media, he can be heard saying, “Earlier the number of deliveries per month was around 10. Now, it has increased from 30 to 50. Hence, giving mobile phones has proved beneficial and They are very happy with this thing.”

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