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Mobile processor maker Qualcomm will now make chip for car, deal with GM

General Motors (GM) has partnered with Qualcomm for the ‘Ultra Cruise’ driver assist feature in its luxury sedan. The company informed on Thursday that three Qualcomm chips will be used to power this feature. This feature will first be used in the company’s upcoming flagship electric car ‘Celestiq’, which will be introduced next year.

Reuters news agency reports that GM (General Motors) has teamed up with Qualcomm to develop a driver assist feature for its upcoming flagship electric car. GM says this ‘Ultra Cruise’ feature will give drivers the benefit of hands-free driving on 95% of US (USA) and Canada (Canada) roads and freeways, some like Tesla’s Autopilot. This is different from GM’s current ‘Super Cruise’ feature, which only works on the highway.

Jason Ditman, Ultra Cruise’s chief engineer, said (translated) “It’s a supervised system, so you have to [ड्राइवर को] Still have to pay attention. But essentially what we are doing is giving the driver a hands-free experience in a big way.”

The system will have one computer the size of two laptops. GM will develop the software for this system, and Qualcomm will prepare the core chips. These will have two processor chips and one chip designed to speed up tasks.

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This deal is out of league for Qualcomm, as the company has been primarily making chips for mobile phones. Although Qualcomm already makes infotainment centers and 5G connectivity chips for automakers, the company is working on a self-driving feature for GM.

Qualcomm has competed against Nvidia and Intel’s Mobileye for self-driving chips.


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