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Mobile Internet Speed: India is backward from Pakistan and Nepal, know how much is the ranking

Mobile Internet Speed: India has lagged behind Pakistan and Nepal in terms of mobile internet speed. According to a December report by Ookla Speed ​​Test Global Index, India is ranked 115th on the mobile internet speed list out of 138 countries. The average mobile internet speed of India during this period has been 14.17 mbps. There has been a drop of three places in India’s ranking. While Pakistan with 16.72 mbps speed remains at 103 position in 138 countries. While Nepal occupies the 105 position with 1.45 mbps speed.

Broadband speed

If we talk about broadband speed, India is better than Nepal and Pakistan in the broadband speed ranking. India ranks 69th out of 178 countries. Broadband average speed in India has been 47.48 mbps. While Nepal is ranked 79th with 40.37 mbps. While Pakistan is ranked 152nd with 9.04 mbps.

  1. India – 47.48 mbps – 69th place
  2. Nepal – 40.37 mbps – 79th place
  3. Pakistan – 9.04 mbps – 152nd place

Uploading and Downloading Speed ​​of India

The average mobile downloading speed of India in the month of December has been 29.55 mbps. While the average uploading speed has been 8.59 mbps. While the latency has been 29ms. Talking about the same broadband speed, the average broadband downloading speed of India has been 59.75 mbps. While the average uploading speed has been 25.06 mbps. This latency has been 10ms.


UAE is at the forefront of mobile internet speed. Norway is in second place, South Korea occupies third place. Whereas China is at the fourth position in this list and Qatar is on the fifth. 

  1. UAE – 138.38 mbp
  2. Norwegian – 119.12 mbps
  3. South Korea – 119.12 mbps
  4. China – 104.44 mbps
  5. Qatar – 104.30 mbps

Countries With Top 5 Broadband Speeds

Singapore offers the fastest broadband internet speeds in the world. Chile, Thailand, Hong Kong and Monaco are included in this list.  

  1. Singapore -192.17mbps
  2. Chile – 187.50mbps
  3. Thailand – 175.93mbps
  4. Hong Kong – 168.66mbps
  5. Monaco – 165.47mbsp
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