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Mobile company Huawei is bringing new AITO M7 electric car, will beat everyone in mileage!

Huawei is now going to bring its new electric car Huawei AITO M7. Last year, Huawei launched the first electric car in China under its AITO sub-brand. With the AITO M5 EV, Huawei took a big step to showcase its expertise in the automobile industry.

The company saw decent sales from the shipment data of AITO M5 EV, which seems to be the right move for Huawei to make electric vehicles in the market. Recently China’s MIIT database (IT Home Through a listing, it has been learned that Huawei is planning for its next generation electric vehicles.
The listing doesn’t reveal the name of the product, but if viewed properly, one of the photos has a blurred word which looks like ‘AITO M7’. This makes it clear that this listing is the next Huawei electric vehicle to be launched under the AITO sub-brand.

Talking about the features, the listing reveals that the Huawei AITO M7 EV is a medium-sized 6-seater hybrid electric SUV that is slightly larger than the previous model AITO M5. In terms of exterior design, the AITO M7 is very similar to the older model AITO M5. This includes the same large air ventilation grille on the frontal bumper, a sleek and straight roofline, aerodynamic transculant headlights, chrome colored trims on the full body, etc.

The EV gets 5-spoke and 10-spoke wheel options, which include optional upgrades like chrome greyish translucent tinted windows, or ink-black translucent tinted windows. While the AITO M7 has a minor design difference, it seems that the EV on the AITO M5 doesn’t have the Huawei Zhixuan logo. The photo uploaded on the listing did not show the image of the vehicle from all angles, but it is believed that Huawei may have transferred the logo on the car somewhere.

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Power and Specifications

In terms of power and specifications, the AITO M7 will be powered by an electric hybrid automobile 1.5T range extender + motor combo to power the engine. According to the information provided by China’s MIIT, the rated power/peak power of the electric drive motor is listed as 72kW/200kW. Maximum net engine power is listed at 90kW and fuel consumption is 1.05L/100km.

As the AITO M5 deliveries started only in March 2022, it is expected that the AITO M7 will be announced later, so that it does not impact the AITO M5 sales. Talking about the dimensions, Huawei AITO M7 measures 5020 mm in length, 1945 mm in width, 1775 mm in height and 2340 kg in weight.


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