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Mobile charging Tips: Simple changes to increase mobile battery life, no need for frequent charging

The importance of mobile has increased in the life of every person today. Employees want mobiles for work, other people want mobiles for entertainment, while children want mobiles for online study. Mobile has made the work of many easier, but many times people have to face difficulties when the mobile is turned off due to low battery. In this case, if you are also bothered by the frequent depletion of your phone’s battery, then this special information is for you. Today we are going to tell you some tips related to this, by following which you can get rid of charging the phone again. At the same time, the battery life of your phone will increase. There are many things in the phone that can cause you to use more battery and if you know this you can get rid of this problem. Learn the details.

Power saving mode

Use Power Saving Mode: Power saving mode is one of the most powerful weapon needed to prevent battery drain. It is beneficial to use low power mode if the battery runs out frequently. When this mode is enabled, the phone only does important work. This shuts off background activities like downloads, mail fetches. Turning on the power saving mode allows the phone to perform only the most essential tasks while stopping background activities like downloads and mail fetches.

Flight Mode

Start Flight Mode: If you want to save the phone’s battery from running out early, you can also put the device in airplane mode, which turns off all wireless features of your phone. But, the thing to note here is that calls and text messages will not come during this period. You can still connect the phone to Wi-Fi. From the settings you can turn on the airplane mode and increase the battery back of the smartphone a bit more by following these simple steps.


Keep your smartphone up-to-date: The smartphone always receives notifications of updates. But, many users ignore it. But, doing so is not good for smartphone battery backup. So if you want to save your phone battery from running out early, it is important that you keep your phone’s apps and operating system up to date. For this you need to enable automatic app update in the phone. This will make the phone battery last longer.

GPS Services

Avoid constant use of GPS: GPS features have made it easier for users. However, if this feature is constantly on, your phone’s battery will not last long. Therefore, turn off your phone when you do not need the GPS feature. Some users’ phones always have location services like Google Maps. This drains the battery quickly. If this service is turned off, the phone will stop feeding data to these services. And no extra charging going on. You can turn off location services completely by going to Settings> Privacy> Location Services.


Always keep the brightness low: Nowadays smartphone displays are big and bright. But, did you know that the bright displays of smartphones reduce your battery life? That is why it is always better to keep the brightness of the smartphone low. You can activate auto-brightness. This will automatically adjust the brightness of the phone. Also, it will not discharge your phone battery quickly and will give the phone a good battery backup. Crisp screen phone battery drains quickly at night. So if you reduce the brightness, it will benefit.

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