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Mobile charger can cause fire in the house, carelessness of users can become fatal

Mobile Charger: Recently, an incident involving a house fire caused by a mobile charger has come to light. The incident occurred in Meerut, where a house caught fire due to a spark emanating from the charger, resulting in the tragic death of four children. The intensity of the fire was such that the children suffered severe burns and could not be saved. Now, the question arises: are chargers dangerous, and if so, how can accidents be avoided? Today, we will discuss the mistakes related to mobile chargers that can lead to accidents.

Some major causes of fire:

Use of a faulty or counterfeit charger: Many people purchase cheap and counterfeit chargers that do not meet safety standards. These chargers often contain substandard wires and components, which can easily overheat and cause a fire.

Leaving the charger plugged in for an extended period: Even after the phone is fully charged, many people leave the charger plugged in, leading to unnecessary power consumption and an increased risk of overheating.

Incorrect charging practices: Using the phone with wet hands, operating the phone while it is charging, or allowing dust to accumulate on the charging point can also pose a fire hazard.

To prevent fires:

Use only original and certified chargers: Always use chargers recommended by the manufacturer for your specific phone model.

Unplug the charger after charging: Once the phone is fully charged, promptly unplug the charger from the socket.

Practice safe charging: Avoid touching the phone with wet hands, refrain from using the phone during charging, and ensure the charging point remains free from dust.

Keep a fire extinguisher: It is essential to have a fire extinguisher in the house in case of emergencies.

Taking safety precautions while using a mobile charger is crucial, as negligence can result in loss of life and property. Here are some additional safety tips:

Keep children away from chargers: Prevent children from playing with chargers or approaching charging points.

Dispose of damaged chargers: If you have a worn or damaged charger, discard it immediately.

Regularly inspect electrical wiring in your house: Old or damaged wiring can increase the risk of fire and should be checked regularly.


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