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Mobile battery drains within a few hours, turn off these 5 features immediately, the phone will run smoothly all day long

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New Delhi. Whenever the phone’s battery drains quickly, people often feel that the battery has gone bad. However, this is not necessarily the case. There are many reasons for the phone’s battery draining quickly. Many of these also have technical reasons, which people do not pay attention to. In such a situation, people go straight to buying a new battery or decide to buy a new phone. But, here we are going to tell you about 5 such features, which if you turn off, will increase the battery life of the phone.

screen brightness
The brightness of the display is also one of the reasons for the phone’s battery draining quickly. Many times people keep the brightness of the phone display very high. Due to this, the consumption of the battery increases and it starts draining quickly. In such a situation, set it in such a way that it is comfortable for the eyes and not too much. Also keep the screen timeout setting short.

Close background apps
Many apps keep running in the background on the phone, which you do not even use at that time. In such a situation, they also consume a lot of battery. These apps should be closed. Apart from this, many apps keep getting auto-updated in the background, so you have to stop them also.

Turn off location sharing
Especially location sharing in iPhone causes the battery to drain quickly. In such a situation, sharing location for every app should be avoided. To stop this, go to Settings then tap on Privacy. After this tap on location service. Then select the option of App using instead of Always.

WiFi option will save battery
When the Internet is used on the phone over a cellular network. Then it consumes more battery. Whereas using internet on phone on WiFi network consumes less battery. In such a situation, try to use internet only through WiFi where there is WiFi.

Limit push notifications
From breaking news to delivery apps, push notifications keep coming on the phone continuously. But, the battery consumption of these notifications is also quite high. In such a situation, limit them and allow only those notifications which are very important for you.

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