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Mintsifra: will not collect biometrics without consent

The Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation (Mintsifry of Russia) made an official commentary on the messages on the collection of biometric data of Russians without the consent of the owners.
The press service of the Ministry of Digital Development clearly stated:


No biometrics will be collected without consent.


The department clarified that the prepared draft order does not imply the abolition of obtaining the consent of citizens to collect their biometric data. The draft order is supposed to regulate the processes of importing previously collected biometric data stored in commercial systems, mainly in banks, into the state unified biometric system. The draft order was sent for discussion to working groups with representatives of the expert community, including to assess the regulatory impact on citizens and businesses.
Among the key provisions of the draft order:
    • Without the consent of citizens, the collection of any biometric data is impossible
    • It is possible to collect and hand over biometrics only on a voluntary basis and only with the consent of a citizen through a bank, independently through a mobile application (from September 30, 2022), in the future through the MFC.
    • It is not possible to collect biometrics from surveillance cameras and other sources that do not require prior consent
    • Mandatory loading of biometrics from commercial systems into the EBS (State Unified Biometric System) is provided for by Federal Law No. 325-FZ. At the same time, only those biometric data that are collected in accordance with federal laws, that is, with the consent of a citizen, can be imported into the EBS.
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