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Mini Fan inside the Mask: Now there will be no suffocation and no heat! This small AC fan will fit in the mask

Mini Fan that fits in the Mask: In the last days, there has been an increase in the cases of corona virus and for this reason it has become necessary to wear masks again in many states. In this summer season, both heat and suffocation are felt in walking outside the house wearing a mask. Today we are going to tell you about a fan that gives as cool air as AC and can be fitted in your mask.

This fan fits in the mask

This is a mini rechargeable fan that can be attached with a small clip. With this fan you get a battery which is used to run the fan. Let us tell you that this is a ventilation fan which is like an AC.

looks like a fan

You have to keep one part of it inside the mask and while the other part of it has to be kept outside the mask so that clean air can go inside the mask. In this way, you will neither get heat nor suffocation in the mask. This fan is very small and also very light. The motor given in it is no noise, is brushless and comes with copper winding. In this, you get 300mAh built-in battery which can last for two hours continuously on a single charge. You can charge it with any power bank, adapter and micro USB cable.

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