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Minecraft has another biome and a very useful compass

Microsoft-owned studio Mojang continues to release regular content updates for Minecraft. The latter turned out to be especially noteworthy: the developers added a new biome to the game, as well as a device that will help you find loot lost after death.


Patch 22W14A adds another biome to Minecraft – Mangrove swamps. This is a slightly modified version of ordinary swamps, which can please players with resources from mangrove trees. You can also find mud blocks that can be processed into clay.

It is more noteworthy that the game also has a new gadget – a compass that will indicate the direction of the loot lost after the death of the character. To craft the device, you need the Echo of the Void resources, which can be found in ancient underground cities. The update turned out to be a landmark, because the search for lost loot could previously only be carried out from memory. Which, given the size of the map, was a very difficult task.

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