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Millions of bank accounts could be emptied; Danger of Log4j on the Internet

Internet users are at risk at all times. Because one mistake is enough to invite hackers. The Danger of Log4j was discovered last week. But the Internet has already sounded alarm bells around the world. This threat has been discovered in the Java Library. Which is used in many popular services. This poses a major threat to hackers.

Dridex Banking was used to spread malware and pose a threat to the Internet. This Trojan is also known as MeterPreetor. It was developed to steal online banking credentials. Which in itself is very dangerous. Malware is capable of installing other payloads, taking screenshots and spreading to other devices.

Millions of devices affected by Log4j!

It can be used extensively by hackers. We have limited time to take the necessary steps to minimize the potential for damage. Jay Ghazale of the Office of Vulnerability Management of the US Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency also said that Log4j vulnerability is likely to affect millions of devices. Adam Meyers of cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike said that all kinds of people are ready to take advantage of this.

Big challenge for network defenders

Jane Esterley has 20 years of experience in federal cybersecurity. Log4j is one of the worst threats Danger of Log4j has ever seen. It is widely used by a group of hackers. This is a big challenge for network defenders. “This insecurity is the most serious I’ve ever seen,” said Jane Easterly.

  • The use of Log4j to install banking malware has been exposed by cybersecurity group Cryptolamus. Who wrote on Twitter ‘We have verified the distribution of dridex22203 on Windows via # Log4j.
  • When Log4j vulnerabilities were first discovered, Jane Esterley, director of the US Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), underlined the dangers.

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