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Military Watch: Chinese fifth-generation fighter J-20 has surpassed the American F-35

China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force has demonstrated for the first time the maneuverability of the fifth-generation J-20 fighter, which outperforms the American F-35 Lightning II in all-speed maneuverability, endurance and avionics, Military Watch reports.

The capabilities of the aircraft were shown at the open day of the PLA Air Force in Changchun in Jilin province. The two J-20s exhibited steep climbs and turns that “few classes of fighters in the world” are capable of, according to Military Watch.

The J-20 is one of two classes of fifth-generation fighters both in production and in service at squadron level, along with the US F-35. Back in December last year, it was announced that the fighter was entering service.

According to Military Watch, fifth-generation fighter airframes, which result in low aircraft visibility, are heavier than fourth-generation airframes. This makes it difficult to achieve high maneuverability. In the US F-22 Raptor fighter, two F119 engines provide maneuverability, while the F-35 has one more powerful F135 engine and has a lower thrust-to-weight ratio, making it the least maneuverable fighter of its generation.

Earlier, Lockheed Martin said it was seeing an increase in interest from different countries in the fifth-generation F-35 fighter. Before that, it became known that the US Air Force would use an upgraded version of the F-16 Fighting Falcon, developed in 1974, in the coming decades. The updated F-16 will receive a radar station with an active phased antenna array. Also, during the modernization, the F-16 will receive a special Have Glass coating, which reduces the radar visibility of the fighter.

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