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Military drones are the reason for the suspension of flights in Riga

One of the pilots of the passenger liner informed the dispatcher about the appearance of drones. The dispatcher, following the instructions, suspended flights at the airport and notified the police about what was happening. Thus, three flights had to delay landing in Riga, and four could not leave the air harbor in time.

According to radars, unidentified aircraft appeared three kilometers from the airport zone. As it turned out later, the drones were military and belonged to the Latvian army. However, judging by the information known at the moment, it has not yet been possible to find out their origin or, moreover, to detain them.

The Civil Aviation Agency opened an administrative case. In addition, a misdemeanor can be qualified under the Criminal Code of Latvia, and there the criminals are already threatened with imprisonment.

The point may be that NATO military exercises have recently begun near Riga and will last until December 4. The Alliance European Command is taking part in the exercise.

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