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Mileage Boost: These 4 mistakes decreases car mileage you need to avoid them

Car Mileage Down: If you are also a car owner and your car is facing mileage problem then today we are going to tell you why it happens.

Increase Car Mileage By These Tips: If the mileage of your car is continuously decreasing and every month you have to put thousands of petrol in it, then obviously the burden on your pocket increases a lot. The only way to reduce the increased load is to know what are the reasons which are continuously reducing the mileage. If you understand about them, then the whole problem ends. Today we are going to tell you about such reasons which reduce the mileage and mileage can be increased by not repeating them. 

heavy braking 

If you do heavy braking in your car then do not do this, heavy braking suddenly puts a lot of pressure on the engine due to which the engine heats up and the fuel consumption increases automatically, you do not even understand and fuel Spending more than necessary. You should do heavy braking only when needed. If you keep doing this continuously without any reason, then obviously the mileage will be so low that you can not even guess about it. 


If you prefer to drive the entire car full, then you should avoid doing so, the more the car is full, the more pressure increases on it. If you drive with less people then the engine is not burdened and the car gives good mileage as well as maintains its engine life.


Not getting servicing done on time is a big reason for low mileage, in fact, if servicing is done on time, then the engine works well, whereas if this is not done, then the engine has to work harder and the pressure on it increases.

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