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Microsoft’s special trick! You can easily delete blank or extra pages in Word.

Have you ever faced a problem where your Word document I have added some blank or additional pages that you don’t need, and you can’t find the option to remove it? Well, this happens to all of us at some point or the other. This is a common problem, but most people do not know how to deal with it.

Sometimes this problem occurs due to repeatedly hitting the enter key, creating tables, unnecessary section breaks, additional paragraph markers, unintentional page breaks, etc. With these blank pages, your impression does not seem right, and to get rid of them, we are telling the right way. Here are some ways in which you can complete it in easy steps.

Delete a page in Word using Find and Replace tool:-
1. Open Word file in MS Word, tap anywhere on the page you want to delete.

2. Now press ‘Ctrl + G’ in Windows and if you have a Mac then press ‘Option + Command + G’.

3. A dialog box will pop up, tap on ‘Go to’ section and type the page in ‘Enter page number’ section.

4. Hit ‘Enter’ and then tap on ‘Close’

5.Verify if it is the correct page you want to remove and ensure that the content is selected.

6. Then press the ‘Delete’ or ‘Backspace’ button.

Delete page in word using backspace/delete:-

1. Select the entire page that you want to delete, you can do this with the cursor or by Control + A.

Press the ‘2.Backspace/Delete’ button.

3. Now unwanted pages will be removed from the word file.

Remove blank page from end in MS word:-
1.Hold Ctrl + Shift + 8 if you are using Windows or Command + 8. If you’re a Mac user, this will make the paragraph markers visible.

2. Now select Paragraph Marker by double clicking on the icon.

3. Press the ‘Delete’ or ‘Backspace’ button, this will remove the blank page and paragraph markers.

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