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Microsoft warns Ukraine cyber attack could be ‘dangerous’

Tech giant Microsoft has warned that a cyberattack targeting key government systems in Ukraine could prove disastrous. It could affect more organizations than was feared. Russia is believed to be behind this cyber attack. Ukraine was hit by a major cyber attack on Friday morning. Western countries accused Russia of this. The US has also accused Russia of sending cyber attackers to Ukraine.

According to a news agency report, Microsoft on Sunday said that he analyzed malware. It can deactivate the government’s digital infrastructure.

Malware is designed to look like ransomware. Its purpose is destructive. It is designed to disable the targeted devices.

Microsoft said who was behind the attacks was not yet known. However, the company has warned that the number of organizations affected by this attack could be very high.

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The company said that its investigative teams have found malware on several dozen systems and that number could increase. The systems that have been hit by cyber attacks are present in many government, non-profit and information technology organizations in Ukraine. According to Microsoft, it does not know at what level the hackers are attacking. It is also not known how many other organizations have come under its grip.

At the same time, late Friday, Ukrainian officials said that Russian security services could be behind this cyber attack. At the same time, Russia has rejected these claims, saying that there is no evidence of its involvement in these attacks.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told CNN that he had nothing to do with it. Russia has nothing to do with these cyber attacks. The Ukrainians are blaming Russia for everything, even the bad weather in their country. This cyber attack has happened at a time when tensions between Ukraine and Russia are at its peak.


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