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Microsoft spoke about the song that “killed” laptops – back in the days of Windows XP

A Microsoft representative told the company’s blog a story that happened back in the days of the Windows XP operating system. An unnamed major manufacturer has discovered that some laptop models crash when playing Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” music video. The same was observed with laptops from other companies.

Moreover, the failure occurred not only on the laptop itself, where the song was played, but, sometimes, on neighboring devices in the laboratory. At the same time, the track did not start on them at the time of the failure.

As it turned out, the fault was the music, or rather some audio frequencies in the audio track. They resonated with laptop hard drives that ran at 5400 rpm.

Chen did not specify exactly which frequencies created such interference and which models were affected. But he told how the experts found a solution. The manufacturer added a filter that removed such frequencies if they were found in the audio recording.

And in the comments to the post, one of the users said that the first 9-inch netbooks of one brand faced a similar problem. In the model that was equipped with a hard drive, almost any loud music would resonate with the drive and could lead to data corruption or even drive failure. But here the problem was in the design of the case – the right speaker was located almost close to the disk.

At the same time, the manufacturer did not acknowledge the existence of a problem, but users found a solution – move the balance slider in the player all the way to the left so that the right speaker simply does not produce sound.

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