Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Microsoft raises prices for Office in Russia

Anna Lobanova, director of the public relations department at Microsoft in Russia, confirmed in an interview with Vedomosti the information about the increase in prices for Office in Russia.

Prices for Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021 and Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for commercial use will increase by 10% from January 15th. It is worth clarifying that the increase applies to boxed versions and electronic product licenses specifically for distributors. At the same time, prices for end customers are set by Microsoft partners.

The company regularly analyzes prices for products and services to ensure compliance with business processes in all regions, including Russia. The upcoming changes are the result of this analysis.


Yesterday the price list for distributors who sell boxed products and keys to Microsoft products changed. Among them were the Lanit and Elko companies. And on October 1, Microsoft increased the ruble prices for its programs and services by about 15.2% to bring them closer to the prices in dollars.


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