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Microsoft links Russian military to cyberattacks in Poland and Ukraine

Microsoft has named Russian military intelligence as the likely culprit in last month’s ransomware attacks targeting Polish and Ukrainian transportation and logistics organizations.
A hacker group known as Sandworm or Iridium in Redmond is credited by Western countries with a global NotPetya cyberattack in 2017 that caused $10 billion in financial damage, according to the White House. caused massive power outages during the coldest months of 2016 and 2017.
Microsoft said last month that transport and logistics organizations in Poland and Ukraine were the target of cyberattacks that used never-before-seen Prestige ransomware. According to Microsoft, attackers have already gained control over victims’ networks. On October 11, hackers deployed Prestige on all infected devices.
The ransomware scanned all files on the system of the infected computer and encrypted the contents of files with extensions .txt, .png, gpg and more than 200 other extensions. The Prestige then added the .enc extension to the existing file extension. Microsoft initially attributed the attack to an unknown threat group, which it named DEV-0960. On Thursday, Microsoft updated the report to reveal that the DEV-0960 is, in fact, Iridium.
Prestige signals an increased risk for organizations directly supplying or transporting humanitarian or military aid to Ukraine. More broadly, this could pose an increased risk to organizations in Eastern Europe that could be viewed by the Russian state as providing support to Ukraine.
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