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Microsoft launched a platform like Facebook, know what is special

  • Highlights
  • Microsoft has launched a platform like Facebook.
  • It will allow online chatting at workplace.
  • It can be used to share news or personal interest.

New Delhi. Microsoft has introduced a new Viva Engage app under Teams, which is similar to Facebook. Viva Engage feels like Facebook. It encourages online chatting, self-expression and community at the workplace. A story line section is available in this, through which you can share conversational posts, videos, pictures and other things.

The Story Line section of Viva Engage works similar to the Facebook News Feed. Its purpose is to give a Facebook-like feel during work. Here people can enjoy both Facebook and Workplace. Workers can use it to share news or personal interest.

Hybrid work culture flourished
There is no doubt that the corona pandemic has increased the hybrid work culture and it has changed a lot. Due to the hybrid work culture, the need for apps like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Slack has also increased. Microsoft Teams has quickly established itself as a work and communication hub at Microsoft.

Users will be able to share stories
Microsoft Teams has emerged as the default platform for employees’ communication and sharing for business, and Teams has been rapidly adopted by employees across operating channels. At the same time, Teams has also brought social networking features for these employees. Not only this, there will also be stories in Viva Engage. Employees will be able to share stories using Microsoft Teams and Viva Engage just as they do on Instagram.

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