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Microsoft is testing Cloudflare’s built-in Edge VPN

Microsoft has begun testing the Microsoft Edge Secure VPN service in its Edge browser. The system supports the Cloudflare platform and operates in several modes.

At the moment, the feature is only available to some users of the Edge Canary experimental branch in the Settings > Privacy, search and services section. The built-in VPN service masks the user’s IP address, encrypts traffic and ensures security. However, it is not yet possible to select a service about a specific country, and the amount of traffic is limited to 1 GB per month.

Microsoft Edge Secure is enabled by default, but is applied based on settings and conditions. It can be used for all browser connections, when working over an open Wi-Fi network, or when accessing an insecure network. The mode is not used for video transmission.

The options “All sites” and “Selected sites” are available, in which, as the name implies, you can transfer data from all sites, without exception, or only from some.

It is not yet clear when the new product will appear in the release and how much traffic over 1 GB per month will cost.

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