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Microsoft is building a $100 billion supercomputer

According to The Information, Microsoft is developing a plan to create a supercomputer worth $100 billion. The development is called Stargate and is intended to become the basis for the next generation of OpenAI artificial intelligence systems.


According to the source , Stargate will be the fifth and final step of both companies to create a series of supercomputers throughout the United States. It will be considered one of the largest and most advanced data centers in the world: it will occupy several hundred acres of land and require up to 5 gigawatts of energy. All this is necessary to train more advanced AI models than ChatGPT-4.

The creation of Stargate largely depends on OpenAI being able to deliver the GPT-5 AI model, which is expected to be released in 2025. For its part, Microsoft wants to see that the company is still moving forward and is ready for further development.

In addition, the development of a supercomputer explains the rumors of Sam Altman creating a factory for the production of AI chips. Stargate itself is scheduled to launch in 2028.


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