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Microsoft introduced the world’s smallest language AI model Phi-3-mini, know its special features

AI Models: Microsoft has introduced the world’s smallest AI model, named Phi-3-mini. Let us tell you about the special features of this model.

Meta AI: A few days ago, Meta launched its AI chatbot model, Meta AI, in its messaging app WhatsApp. Although Meta has released it only for select beta users so far, shortly after the release of Meta AI, Meta also introduced Llama-3, described as the assistant chat model of Meta AI. Now, soon after Meta introduced Meta AI and Llama-3, Microsoft introduced the latest version of its lightweight AI model, Phi-3-Mini.

Microsoft has described Phi-3 as a family of open AI models that are highly capable and low-budget small language models (SLMs). Let us tell you in this article what language models are and what the difference is between large language models (LLMs) and small language models (SLMs).

What is Phi-3-Mini?

According to the report, Phi-3-Mini is believed to be the first of the three small models that Microsoft is planning to release. This model has reportedly outperformed its same-sized and larger-sized models in various benchmarks such as language, coding, logic, and math.

What’s new in Microsoft’s Phi-3-mini?

Microsoft’s latest model provides a new option to the list of high-quality language models available to customers. This offers a more practical option for creating generative AI applications. Phi-3-mini is a 3.8b language model and is available on AI development platforms like Microsoft Azure AI Studio, HuggingFace, and Ollama.

What is a language model?

A language model is the backbone of all language AI models present in the world, such as ChatGPT, Cloud, Gemini, etc. These models are trained on existing data to solve common language problems like text classification, question answering, text generation, document summarization, etc. All AI chatbots like ChatGPT, Gemini, or Meta AI are able to provide service to users only because of the language model.

What are LLMs?

Large language models mainly have two meanings: first, a lot of training data is present in them, and second, their parameter count is high. In other words, large language models are equipped to learn things on their own without explicit instruction, and they may be able to solve complex problems.

How is Phi-3-mini different from LLMs?

Phi-3-mini is an SML. In simple terms, SLMs are more organized models compared to LLMs. SLMs cost less to develop and operate, and they also perform well on small devices such as smartphones and tablets.


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