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Microsoft has created a new program to improve the performance of Windows 11 PCs. The public beta version of PC Manager is now available

Over the past few years, Microsoft has been trying to make Windows faster and native apps smaller by pushing updates through the Microsoft Store instead of tying everything into the OS itself.

The latest initiative is the PC Manager app, which is now in public beta on the company’s Chinese website. It is noted that the program is an analogue of the popular utility CCleaner. Microsoft PC Manager could be a new way to clean up temporary files and manage startup applications. The app can also help you track resource usage and view Microsoft recommendations, such as switching your default browser and search engine to Edge and Bing, respectively.

As Windows Latest writes, the application works quite quickly. If you press the Boost button, it can instantly free up to 30-50% of used memory and clean up your temporary files. The Security tab in the app recommends Microsoft Edge, not Google Chrome and other browsers.

List of features currently being tested by Microsoft:

    • Computer maintenance – clean up files, uninstall applications, and more with one click


    • Startup Application Management – Disable startup applications to improve performance and reduce startup time


    • Manage and view running processes and perform actions using the Task Manager.


    • Manage your storage – recent files, temporary files, etc.


    • Scan for viruses with Defender.


    • Check for updates with Windows Update


According to Microsoft, this application can “clean up system junk, free up occupied resources, and make your Windows as fast as new.” Also, applications can quickly detect computer failures, clean up junk, detect viruses, and eliminate system risks.

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