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Microsoft Edge Browser Adds Calculator and Internet Speed ​​Test

Microsoft continues to expand the list of Edge browser features. An early test build of Edge Canary 105 added support for new features.

The first novelty was the built-in calculator. This will allow you not to run the one that is built into the operating system. Another innovation is a utility for testing the speed of an Internet connection. The third one will be the unit converter. As expected, new features will appear as early as August this year, all icons will be added to the sidebar of the browser.

Edge Canary and Dev are also reported to have a feature that has been in Chrome for a long time. It allows you to access various browser features using shortcuts. For example, you can launch the search bar and type “clear history” to delete your history without going into your browser settings.

This feature can be enabled in the list of experimental features, but it does not yet cover all menu items. In the future, their list will expand. In addition, Edge is testing closing tabs with a double-click. Probably, these functions will also appear no earlier than August.

Previously in the browser already tested transfer passwords from Google Chrome on every launch.

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