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Microsoft brings Twitch streaming back to the Xbox menu

Game streaming on Twitch has once again been made available to Microsoft Xbox users through the game console menu rather than a standalone app. The corresponding section after updating the console software appeared in the control panel.

The ability to broadcast your gameplay from an Xbox One console through the Twitch platform first appeared back in 2014. However, this feature was later removed from the control panel and moved to the Twitch app. In October last year, developers began testing re-integration with the streaming service. Now this stage has come to an end and Twitch has reappeared in the control panel of Xbox consoles.

To start the broadcast, you need to go to the “Record and share” section and select the “Live broadcast” item. You will also need to link your Twitch account to use this feature. During the broadcast, you can use a headset and a webcam, independently adjust the sound volume, turn on a group chat, etc. At the same time, viewers will be able to watch the broadcast on different devices.


Support for streaming to Twitch from the control panel is coming with the next update, which began rolling out this week. Live streaming will become more convenient for users of the Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles.

A source: The Verge



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