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Microsoft Alert: Android users beware! A new virus has arrived, if you don’t take care, the account will be empty

New Delhi: Malware Alert: Once again a virus has taken over the head and Android users have been warned once again. This time Microsoft has issued an alert. Microsoft said that a malware is targeting Android users and activating premium subscriptions online without the user’s knowledge. Microsoft researchers Dimitrios Valsamaras and Song Shin Jung say the malware could be placed in a subcategory of billing fraud. This Malicious Malware allows users to subscribe to Premium Subscription without their knowledge.

Malware apps start subscribing via mobile network:

The report says that the virus does not work on toll fraud SMS or calls, but on wireless application protocol (WAP). They do not work on Wi-Fi. Also, in many cases, malware apps force you to use mobile data by disconnecting from Wi-Fi. These malware apps start subscriptions through mobile networks. For this, the user is also guided on the website. Although it requires OTP, these apps hide it.

Pay attention to ratings when downloading the app:

Researchers also say that there are some things that need to be taken care of to avoid this. Some apps require too many permissions. About which they need to be vigilant. You need to be careful whether any apps use fake developer profiles or similar icons. When downloading an app from the Google Play Store, be sure to pay attention to the rating. If you have downloaded a malicious app, your phone may experience some issues like rapid battery depletion, connectivity issues, device overheating. It is not recommended to download the app from any third party apps or websites.

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