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MG Motor assures customers of early delivery of Astor, lack of chips

MG Aster was launched in October and only 5000 units were made available in the first batch, which was completely sold out in just 24 hours. After this, on November 20, the company had released a video informing that its delivery was going to be delayed, but the company had assured that they would not have to pay more and they would survive the price hike.

The company said that most of the customers of the first batch have been delivered and those who have not been given delivery will now be started. The company said that there is a shortage of semiconductors globally due to which the delivery has been delayed and for this we apologize. We are giving our all and ask for your support.

MG Motors has increased the prices of its latest SUV MG Astor. MG Aster was launched in October 2021 at an introductory price of Rs 9.78 lakh ex-showroom. After the introductory price offer expires, its price has been increased by Rs 35,000. Now MG Aster will be available at a new price of Rs 9.98 lakh to Rs 17.73 lakh.

The MG Aster is made available in nine variants and five color options. This is MG Motor’s fifth model in India. MG Aster is equipped with features like Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS). It is offered in petrol engine option. It is powered by the first 1.3 liter turbo petrol and the second 1.5 liter naturally aspirated petrol engine. Its turbo petrol engine provides 138 bhp power and 220 Newton meter torque.

This engine comes with a 6 speed automatic gearbox. On the other hand, its naturally aspirated petrol engine produces 108 bhp power and 144 Nm of torque. The option of 6-speed manual and 8-speed CVT gearbox is available with this engine. MG Aster’s personal AI assistant is quite special. It is a small robot that is mounted on the dashboard inside the cabin. A small screen has been given on this robot which shows the expression of the robot. It recognizes the driver through voice and works on voice commands.

This AI system provides information and news from around the world based on Wikipedia, while also entertaining the people sitting inside the car. This AI system of MG Aster has been developed by Star Design of America, which is famous for making AI related products.

The company has also used the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) technology in the MG Aster. The ADAS system is a radar technology that alerts the driver of the dangers on the road. MG is also using this technology in the Gloster SUV. Apart from this, the company has also used Autonomous Level-2 technology in the Aster which is not yet available in any other car in this segment in the Indian market.

MG Aster is a great SUV of the company, which has also received good response, but this SUV of the company has also suffered due to lack of semiconductor, due to which its delivery is not being done. Now it has to be seen how the company deals with it.

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