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MG Car Sales January 2022: Aster, Hector, Gloster, ZS EV sales, know the numbers

The company’s new SUV Aster has been at number one and its 2068 units have been sold in the month of January. The company could not deliver 5000 units till December, but now the situation has improved in January, due to which it has been the company’s best-selling model. Its 1125 units were sold in the month of December and an increase has been registered against it.

MG Hector has been the company’s second best-selling model, the company’s SUV has sold 2039 units in the month of January, compared to 3003 units last year, a decline of 32 percent. At the same time, a decline of 68 percent has been registered against 1215 units in the month of December. The company had said that production has been hit hard due to chip shortage.

This is followed by MG Motor’s luxurious SUV Gloster, which has sold 143 units, compared to 475 units sold last year. On the other hand, a decline of 32 percent has been registered against 108 units in the month of December. Initially, this big SUV of the company got a good response but now like this segment, its sales have also come down.

It is followed by ZS EV which has also ranked second in EV sales in the country. It has sold 56 units in the month of January, which is 55 percent less than last year’s 124 units. At the same time, there has been a decline of 45 percent in sales as against 102 units in the month of December. This electric SUV of the company is getting good response continuously but due to the introduction of facelift, its sales have come down.

MG Motor has recently issued a statement saying that the first 5000 customers will be given the earliest delivery. The company has said that they have increased production and supply and the remaining customers will be delivered, these customers are to be given this SUV at the old price. MG Motor had announced to deliver 5000 Aster by the end of 2021 but it has not been successful.

MG Aster was launched in October and only 5000 units were made available in the first batch, which was completely sold out in just 24 hours. After this, on November 20, the company had released a video informing that its delivery was going to be delayed, but the company had assured that they would not have to pay more and they would survive the price hike.

The company said that most of the customers of the first batch have been delivered and those who have not been given delivery will now be started. The company said that there is a shortage of semiconductors globally due to which the delivery has been delayed and for this we apologize. We are giving our all and ask for your support.

MG Motor’s sales have been better in the month of January and Aster has come at number one, as the company meets the demand then the sales of Aster can be even better. Now it has to be seen how the company’s sales are in the coming months.

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