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Meteor shower is going to happen in the sky tonight, see this way

Today is a special opportunity for those who are interested in the happenings in the sky. The Geminids meteor shower will be at its peak till late morning today. To put it simply, tonight the sky will be seen ‘raining stars’. According to reports, every hour people in countries around the world will get a chance to see about 120 meteors in the sky. According to the US space agency NASA, the Geminids meteor shower peaks every year in mid-December. This is considered to be the best and most frequent meteor shower.

is told That the Geminids meteor showers will be active between November 19 and December 24, 2022, and will be at their peak today i.e. on December 14. The Geminid meteor shower gets its name from the constellation Gemini because the meteor shower originates from there. The special thing is that you do not really need any special equipment to see this astronomical phenomenon. However, some things have to be kept in mind.

Seeing meteor showers is not an easy task. Sometimes it may have to wait the whole night. But if your interest is in such events, then you should not have trouble waiting. The best time to watch meteor showers is after 1.30 am to before 6 am.

meteor shower To watch, go to a place away from the city lights where you can see the deepening night. For example, a rural area. Dress according to the weather and make sure you are safe. Take a blanket or a comfortable chair with you, as you may have to wait for hours to see the meteor showers. After the location is set, lie down on the ground and look at the sky.

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