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Meta Layoff: This incident happened with the mother of a 3-month-old baby girl


New Delhi. Meta is one of the biggest companies in the world of social media. The three popular social media platforms under this company are Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. This big social media company recently fired 11,000 of its employees. Many Indian employees are also included in this. At the same time, there are some people who left their frozen jobs and joined Meta a few days ago, but Meta has also fired them.

Neelima Agarwal, who works as an IT professional at Meta, made a post on the social media platform ‘LinkedIn’ two days ago. He wrote in his post that, he is one of the employees of Meta who has been fired. Neelima has told through her post that she has shifted from India to Canada a week ago due to the job in Meta. For this, he also had to go through a long visa process which lasted for several days, but unfortunately he was fired after a few days.

The story of the people who came out of the meta

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She told that she was working in Hyderabad’s Microsoft Office for the last two years and she left that post due to the offer from Meta, but now she has neither Microsoft job left nor Meta.

Similar is the story of an Indian meta employee named Vishwajit Jha. He told that it was only 3 days since he started his job in Meta, but still he got fired. One of these people is also Aneka Patel, who was working as a communication manager in Meta. Manya are also women of Indian origin. He told that she was going on maternity leave, but still the company has fired her.

Woman running on maternity leave also fired

She woke up at 3 o’clock in the night to feed her 3-month-old daughter and then checked her e-mail as she too had heard about the layoffs. When Anneka also checked her e-mail, she got the same news which she feared, but that e-mail did not mention much detail. At the same time, at 4.30 am, he got a message from his manager that he had been fired and at 5:35 am he also got an official e-mail of his dismissal.

Anneka said in her post that, in the morning, she got into thinking about what would happen next. He said that my maternity leave was to end in February. He told that, he got this job in Meta in 2020. Anneka told in her post that Meta had given jobs to a lot of people during the Corona epidemic because of the sudden increase in online traffic due to the lockdown. Because of this, META’s workforce had doubled to almost 90,000 in these two years.


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