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Message your friends like this on WhatsApp without internet, this is the easiest way

You can chat on WhatsApp even without internet . Many times it happens that the internet pack in your mobile is exhausted and you cannot even send any important messages to others. Whether there is network in your mobile or not, now your WhatsApp will not be closed. You will be able to do WhatsApp chatting even without internet.

how to chat on whatsapp without internet

Using WhatsApp without internet seems impossible, but it is not at all. If you are planning to use WhatsApp without internet, then you just need to buy a special SIM for that. Then whether you have data in your phone or not, you can still run WhatsApp with the help of such a SIM. A special SIM card named ChatSim allows you to use WhatsApp without internet. You can buy it online from any e-commerce website or order it directly from Fit ChatSim’s website.

No need of internet connection 

Talking about its price, the price of this SIM card is much higher than that of an ordinary SIM card. However, its benefits are also many. Think that you are stuck somewhere where there is no internet or your data is suddenly out, then you can use your WhatsApp with the help of this SIM. You will not need an internet connection for this.

Can also use it abroad

Its most important thing is that you can use this SIM abroad as well. Meaning that your sim will work everywhere. However, you can use this SIM for a full year from the date of purchase of the SIM, after which you will have to recharge.

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