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Mercedes-Benz EQS 580: A great luxury car with electric powertrain, 850 km range, read review

Mercedes has used a new design style in the EQS 580. It gets a skateboard setup, unlike the design platform of fuel-powered cars, which the company claims is a completely new and performance-oriented design platform. Consider the Mercedes-Benz EQS 580, its design is inspired by the S-Class

We drove it near Pune to find out how the new Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 lives up to its claim. Here we are sharing with you information about the first drive experience of this electric car and will also tell you about the features and performance of this luxury electric car.

Mercedes-Benz EQS 580: Exterior Design

Mercedes has opted for a liftback-style sedan instead of the usual three-box design style for the EQS 580 which has been designed to reduce wind resistance. The EQS is a large sedan in size but as a result of its minimal overhang and smooth body, it produces only 0.20 Cd of drag compared to any production vehicle.

Starting from the front, the new Mercedes EQS 580 sports angular headlights. In place of the traditional grille, a solid grille without vents has been given. In the center of the grille is a huge Mercedes three-pointed star logo. An LED strip light has been given above the grille, which acts as a DRL and also gives a lot of light in the dark. There is a large vent in the middle of the lower part of the front bumper which helps in keeping the EV powertrain cool.

The EQS’s bonnet is a clamshell unit that cannot be opened by anyone other than a Mercedes technician. This bonnet is perfectly combined with the curved windscreen and steeply sloping roof and also provides better aerodynamics to the car.

However, the closed-off bonnet meant that Mercedes had to install a flap on the front left fender of the EQS to help top up the windscreen washer fluid. Other design highlights on the EQS 580 include aerodynamic 20-inch alloy wheels with Pirelli tires and frameless doors with flush door handles.

The new Mercedes EQS 580 gets large lightbar style taillights at the rear which make this luxury electric sedan more stylish. It gets a small spoiler at the boot and can be opened by pressing the Mercedes badge at the rear. The rear gets a massive 610-litre bootspace that can hold a wide variety of items.

Mercedes-Benz EQS 580: Interior Design and Features

Talking about the interior design, you get a large ‘hyperscreen’ on the dashboard of the EQS 580. The company uses this screen in its luxury vehicles. This hyperscreen is supported by the company’s MBUX operating system. HyperScreen has three different displays. These displays feature a large 17.7-inch touchscreen unit at the center for the infotainment system along with a 12.3-inch display for both the driver and front passenger. This hyperscreen is expected to feature an 8-core processor and 24GB of RAM.

The three displays are powered by a Mercedes MBUX setup. Sensors and AI technology have also been supported in this display, which keeps the driver’s attention on the road. This screen protects the driver from distraction even if the passenger seated in front is playing video games on the screen.

The central infotainment display of the car is quite large and it is quite easy to navigate. If you use navigation, the in-car camera helps you navigate by showing live video of the road through real time imagery. Owners can connect their phones to the infotainment with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. The controls on the steering wheel can also be used to navigate through various menus and features, though we found the easier and more intuitive way to do this is to use the voice assistant with the ‘Hey Mercedes’ catchphrase.

While the front seats are very plush and feature-rich, the rear seats are packed with luxury features. There is a seating area for three people at the back. The rear seat can be accommodated by raising the central armrest in the middle to make room for a third person. A screen is also provided on the central armrest. Good Thai support has also been given in the rear seats.

There are many other features too, controlled by a roof-mounted sensor array just ahead of the rear seat. The car also gets a spacious panoramic sunroof which ensures that the spacious interior of the EQS 580 looks even bigger from the light inside.

The safety of the passengers has been taken care of in Mercedes EQS. Its key safety features include 9 airbags along with several ADAS features, which we were not able to test during the review. Another safety feature of the EQS 580 is that it produces artificial humming noise to warn pedestrians when moving at a speed of less than 30 km/h.

Mercedes EQS 580: Powertrain

The Mercedes EQS is powered by a twin electric motor setup (one on each axle) that together produces 516bhp of power and 855Nm of peak torque which is sent to all four wheels via a single-speed automatic gearbox.

A massive 107.8kWh battery pack is used to power the electric motor which is the largest compared to any electric car offered in India till date. According to ARAI, the EQS 580 has a range of 857 km, while its actual range is limited to 676 km as per WLTP testing.

The battery pack supports charging speeds of up to 200kW and can be recharged from 10 to 80 percent in just 31 minutes if you find a fast charging outlet. It takes a little longer to charge from 10 to 100 percent with a 22kW three-phase AC home charger.

The Mercedes EQS 580 is based on the German carmaker’s aluminum-intensive Electric Vehicle Architecture (EVA). Due to the heavy use of aluminum, the EQS 580 weighs 2,585 kg. Talking about the dimensions of Mercedes EQS 580, it measures 5,216mm in length, 1,926mm in width and 1,512mm in height. The wheelbase of the EQS 580 is 3,210mm long while the ground clearance stands at 134mm.

The EQS 580 gets all-around adaptive air suspension that automatically adjusts its settings based on the driving mode chosen by the driver – Eco, Comfort, Sport or Individual. The EQS 580 sports a four-link setup at the front and a multi-link setup at the rear. The EQS 580 gets 20-inch alloy wheels mated to 255/45 R20 Pirelli tyres.

Mercedes EQS 580: Performance and Driving Impressions

The EQS 580 gets a powerful twin motor setup which makes it a powerful car on the road. Depending on the driving mode chosen, the EQS 580 offers different settings for throttle response, steering and suspension. In Sport mode, the car accelerates from 0-100km/h in just 4.3 seconds.

The adaptive air suspension setup in the EQS 580 does not detect most bumps and potholes. The EQS also learns your routes and adjusts the suspension to tackle rough terrain on the road. The adaptive suspension ensures that body roll is kept to a minimum during turns.

The EQS 580 can be folded easily at corners. Rear-wheel steering makes it easy to get out of tight spaces. The brakes of the EQS 580 are quite good and they work well in the regen mode. The EQS 580 can be operated using only the throttle pedal if you, in fact, keep the Region settings at the maximum settings.

Mercedes EQS 580: Conclusion

Mercedes-Benz is known worldwide for luxury cars. The EQS 580 reflects the company’s technical capabilities and ability to develop the vehicles of the future. The Star Trek-like hyperscreen system comes with a host of safety features including a dual motor setup and a huge battery. If you want to enjoy the luxury of driving in an electric car, then you will definitely love the Mercedes EQS 580.

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