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Meizu patents anti-theft system for smartphones

Meizu has patented a technology that allows you to protect your smartphone from theft (rather, from identity theft), as well as find the device if it is lost. The patent documentation describes how this system works: if the smartphone is stolen, then on a special website, its owner must activate the “anti-theft” function. As a result, the device will receive instructions and go into black screen mode, that is, it will become completely inoperable. The SIM card slot will also be locked so that thieves cannot insert a new one and still use the stolen device.

The technology patented by Meizu can also work in a different way: if the owner of the smartphone assumes that his device was not stolen, but he was simply lost somewhere, then he can remotely turn on the Internet access function. Thanks to this, the smartphone will send information about its location, which will allow you to find the device. In this case, the SIM card is not blocked and access to the smartphone is preserved. It is not yet clear when this technology will appear in Meizu smartphones – at the moment it is only a patent, albeit a rather interesting one.


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